Love is in the Hair!

Love is in the Hair!

Hair. It can make or break your selfie. If I'm honest, it can make or break my mood. A good hair day just seems to set me up for a great day in general, because when I look my best, I feel my best, and I think that's probably true for so many of us!

So, what's the secret to great hair? Well, it starts with the very best in hair care products and techniques, and it ends with some straight up magic, I think. Like everything in my life, (friendships included) I like to keep my hair toxin-free! 

One thing I've learned in my hair-care journey is that so often, less really is more. Less washing, less ingredients, less products, less stressing out! Simplicity, in this case, is definitely the key to success!

1. Shampoo and Condition!
Hair obviously needs to be washed, but it probably doesn't need to be washed as often as we think it does! The more you strip your hair of its natural oils, the more it will think it needs to replace them, leading to hair that's greasy more often than not - so, washing less actually leads to washing less! I try to wash my hair about once a week, and after the initial ick phase while my scalp learned to adjust, it works great for me. My hair it naturally less greasy, and I go through a lot less product. But on wash days, it's wash day, and I want my hair clean as can be! What's the secret to getting a great shampoo? It's all in the Pre-Wash. Click to read more about that game-changing routine!

2. Detangle and Protect!
Brushing tangled hair can be a real pain, and it can lead to a lot of unnecessary breakage and damage! Spray dry or wet hair with Leave-In Conditioner for the hair that's manageable, less staticky, and ready to style! This is also the secret to keeping kid hair in check, and the tears at bay!

3. Fake it.
Hair getting a little greasy, but it's not wash day, yet? Dry Shampoo is life, and we all know it. There are a lot of options on the market, but Beauty From Bees offers a budget-friendly, super effective option that isn't filled with chemicals or toxins, or ingredients harmful to you or the environment. If you haven't tried it yet, you're going to want to! Read more about why this bottle is always on my list of haircare must-have items!

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.
Your hair can easily dry out, especially with heat styling and harsh environments, so you've got to take the time to pamper and spoil it, just like you do the rest of your body! Hair Hydr'A'Tion is an incredible mix of oils and extracts, specially designed to have your hair looking and feeling its absolute best. Add a couple drops to your tips daily, and brush through for shine, or use it as a 24h hair mask once a week! You'll want to schedule those masks for days when you don't need to be making a great first impression, because the grease look is real, but after washing it out, you'll be amazed at just how soft and healthy your hair can be!

Your hair is the crown you don't ever take off, and it's often one of the first things that people will notice about you! Have yours looking and feeling its very best, by treating it to the very best products available to it! Natural products, because natural beauty is always in style!


Kelsey Kitt is a work-at-home mom of three in northern Alberta. When she's not chasing kids around, she is also a freelance copywriter, wine lover, and digital content creator. You can follower her and all her family's adventures on Instagram at @mommydoesntlie.


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