Dry Shampoo Hair, Don't Care!

Dry Shampoo Hair, Don't Care!

Truth Bomb: If my mother knew how rarely I wash my hair, she'd probably ground me, and I'm an adult. It's not that I don't bathe regularly (my bubble bath and face mask habits are proof enough of that), it's just that my hair is thin and fine, and the more I wash it, the flatter and greasier it gets. So, I'm more of a once-a-week washer. And in between, dry shampoo is my lifeline.

I'd by lying if I said Beauty From Bees was the first dry shampoo I'd ever fallen in love with. Batiste and I have a relationship that dates back several years, and many, MANY nasty aerosol cans. I've tried, loved, hated, and flirted with just about every major brand of dry shampoo, and I'm a bit of a snob. So, when this little shaker bottle made its way into my bathroom, I was hesitant, to say the least. No cooling blast of aerosol? No gagging on the fumes? No powdery mist on my counter top? I'm all for going natural, but there's just no way this was going to be as good as my chemical burst.

But, I'm game for anything, especially if it makes my hair look cleaner, and I don't have to worry about it exploding from the heat if I leave it in my glove box (seriously that was on the news!), and it can travel in my carry-on luggage. So, a quick snap of the cap, and we were in business. 

What I first noticed about this dry shampoo is that it doesn't take much to dust your whole head. No 30 second burst that covers the bathroom floor. Just a quick shake to the roots, and a scalp massage I probably needed anyway. I've got darker blonde hair (darker by the end of the week than the beginning), and I find this dry shampoo doesn't stand out in my roots at all. Even with regular store brands, but the end of the week I often look like my hair is a good decade older than it should be, but this stuff doesn't do that. It goes on clean, brushes out evenly, and gets my roots looking much less like I only use up a bottle of shampoo twice a year. Winning.

Secondary love? The volume. I'm a flat-haired girl, and I always have been. No amount of fluffing, teasing, or spraying seems to give my roots the boost they crave, without making me feel like I've got a crunchy helmet on all day. This dry shampoo really does give me that lift I'm looking for, without leaving me feeling chalky, cakey, sticky, or weighed down. 

Third love? The ingredients list. using only natural starches, and scented with high quality essential oils, this powdered formula is as gentle on the environment as it is on my body! No dangerous toxins, synthetic scents, or nasty chemicals in this bottle!

So yes, my dry shampoo divas, it's a real thing. You can go natural, even when you didn't believe you could. I'll be retiring my aerosol army of flowery fumes, and stocking only this from now on. It's equally, if not more, effective, it's natural, and it leaves my hair looking and feeling amazing. What more could you even need?!

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