Simple Skincare With Serious Power

Vitamin C gives maximum benefits without any harm. It will keep your skin looking younger, firmer and more vibrant overall. Its potent and natural, raw properties will transform your skin. It boosts collagen production, fights free-radicals and helps heal, repair and reverse damaged skin cells. Hyperpigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tones don't hold up against Vitamin C and its superpowers. 


Our Why

Bath & beauty products shouldn't contain ingredients that can harm you. Do you think your current brand that claims "natural" is actually natural? Sadly, think again. We are here to educate and bring awareness. Our team can read a label and have it picked apart within one minute. What we see out there on shelves across North America is unacceptable, unsafe and, quite frankly, offensive. We are standing up for our health, our bodies and our babies. We take pride in our business being the best and have sealed our mandate in every bottle. Our brand represents the community coming forward and demanding better. Better ingredients, better quality, and the complete and total truth. Our ingredients will never be complicated; they don't look complicated, sound complicated and they won't leave you feeling unsure. Trust our ingredients because we've hand chosen only the absolute best to make it into our line-up. Once we have determined our ingredients, we source them locally and ethically. We don't leave a single job to an outsider, our team delivers from start to finish and the way we formulate and combine our ingredients is like no other. Not only are our ingredients safe, our ingredients have been scientifically proven to be effective.

Skin is our largest organ and what goes on it enters our bloodstream, which in turn affects our internal organs and every inch of our body. Beauty From Bees exists because everyone deserves safe, pure, feel-good, natural products. And not just products that have a list of spectacular ingredients, but also products that have spectacular quality and give spectacular results. Our facility is full of like-minded women that refuse to sacrifice even the smallest amount of any harmful ingredient. So, let your kids splash in the glory of bubbles and slather them in serum their skin will benefit from.

Move over conventional skincare, your time is up.


Every item we make is available for refill at our manufacturing facility storefront.

18A Centre Street
Marwayne, Alberta, Canada

OPEN Tuesday and Thursday 10-3

Refill bottles are available and encouraged

as a wholesale option for all of our retailers to stock.

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"Love this product!!! My son has always had terrible eczema/dermatitis especially on his cheeks and the Baby Body Balm worked like a charm! Definitely recommend!!!! And it’s all natural!”

Nothing is worth more than your health.

Toxic Ingredients?    Never!

Synthetic Fragrance?    Not A Chance!

Probiotics & Antioxidants?    Always!

Probiotics have so much to offer our whole body, inside and out. Skin is our largest and fastest-growing organ. It is our body’s coat and is what protects us. A significant portion of the skin's immune system, just like our gut, consists of the residence of mostly beneficial bacteria that sit on the surface of the skin, acting as its first line of environmental defence. This is the skin's microbiome. It can also help keep inflammation in check, promote wound healing, and act as a barrier to some allergens and environmental toxins. Give your family the best!

The products are also loaded with Elderberry antioxidants, because we know how important antioxidants are for our skin to repair and protect. So don't accept anything less than what your family deserves.

Every product is proudly handcrafted (with love) in Alberta, Canada and our products are always Gluten & Nut free!

The products are tested on willing humans, never animals.

“These products are so amazing!  So great I can buy products that are free of harmful ingredients and that are so good for my family.”

Sustainable Beeswax