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Our Why

Bath products shouldn't contain ingredients that can harm you. Skin is our largest organ and what goes on it enters our bloodstream. Beauty From Bees exists because everyone deserves safe, pure, feel-good natural products. So let your kids splash in the glory of bubbles and slather them in serum their skin will benefit from. Our ingredients will never be complicated. 

"Love this product!!! My son has always had terrible eczema/dermatitis especially on his cheeks and the Baby Body Balm worked like a charm! Definitely recommend!!!! And it’s all natural!”

Nothing is worth more than your health.

Toxic Ingredients?    Never!

Synthetic Fragrance?    Not A Chance!

Probiotics & Antioxidants?    Always!

Lactobacillus is the probiotic used in the products. It is extremely beneficial for the skin, providing protection and deep, rich hydration. The products are also loaded with Elderberry antioxidants, because we know how important antioxidants are for our skin to repair and protect. So don't accept anything less than what your family deserves.

Every product is handcrafted (with love) in Alberta, Canada and our products are always Gluten & Nut free!

The products are tested on ourselves, never animals.

Made for Moms, by a Mom!

“These products are so amazing!  So great I can buy products that are free of harmful ingredients and that are so good for my family.”

Take Care of Your Hive