Frequently Asked Questions

 AND Beauty From Bees' Pro Tips


 What is Elderberry Extract and why do you use in all your products? 

Most natural products will contain an antioxidant of some sort; the most commonly used is tocopherol (vitamin e). We chose 100% Elderberry Extract for its purity as the Vitamin E is a blend mixed with 50% hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Elderberries are a super fruit and contain healing, anti-aging and free radical fighting properties. This ingredient brings a whole lot of antioxidant goodness. Elderberries act as a natural detoxifying agent and help prevent distressing skin conditions like breakouts, boils, and scars. The anthocyanins in elderberries (the compounds that give them their characteristic red colour) were found to give a natural boost to your hair & skin’s health. This compound also protects against skin damage. Elderberry is rich in vitamin A, which can help fade age spots, as well as vitamins C and E, both skin-care powerhouses in their own right.

Is the serum the same as a lotion?

No, it is it’s own beautiful thing. It’s so rich and concentrate and a small amount goes a very long way. The serum is made up of a combination of well knows oils & butters that are naturally loaded with vitamins and antioxidants and are very nourishing and moisturizing. Our Serums don’t contain any water, fillers or any harmful petroleum-laced ingredients that will clog pores or cause a false sense of hydration.

If you are using this product as a hand moisturizer, apply a raindrop sized amount to the backside of your hand and rub in. Apply more if necessary. The serum makes a great addition to any shower or bath as well. You can apply a couple of pumps to your running bath water for extra hydration or apply the serum all over your body when you’re about to step out of your bath or shower. Towel dry as per usual and enjoy your soft, hydrated skin for hours afterwards.

I’ve had bubble bath that looks like it separated a little at the bottom of the bottle. Is this normal?

This is normal, not to worry. Sometimes a little bit of natural separation will take place and it will never affect the quality of the product. Just shake and use as you normally would. We pride ourselves on our extremely clean ingredient list and to guarantee no separation would ever take place would require ingredients we just aren’t willing to use.

Does your shampoo “lather”?

Yes, the shampoo does in fact produce a nice, soft lather. Without any harmful synthetic surfactants (soaps), the lather may be milder than a commercial shampoo. The premium, natural soap base we use is made from coconut and fruit sugars. We neutralize the soap and balance the pH perfectly in every product. Our Coco Glucoside soap is free from all harmful irritants like sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), or cocamidopropyl betaine. These inexpensive soaps are detergents, they remove oil so effectively that they can actually strip your scalp's outermost protective layer. With a compromised barrier function, it's very easy for harmful bacteria to get in and needed moisture to get out. It is our top priority to bring the highest possible quality for everyone using our products. Especially when it comes to babies & kids, it’s a must for us to give parents peace of mind knowing that what they’re applying onto their little one’s skin is safe.

Are your products all made in Canada? 

Yes! Every product we make is formulated, pH balanced & microbial tested in our Alberta facility.

 Do you source all your ingredients within Canada? 

90% of our supplies come from other Canadian companies. We don’t purchase anything outside of North America. 

Do you ever test on animals?

Absolutely not, no way. We only test on humans that are willing and eager!

Are the baby items safe to use from birth?

Yes, for sure. We recommend you use them from birth. We also encourage you to pack your hospital bag with our products so your little one can enjoy a relaxing, toxin-free bath at the hospital. Beauty From Bees exists because there weren’t enough good products on the shelves when the owner was having her first baby 10 years ago. Every product was carefully crafted to give parents reassurance that bath time can be enjoyable and guilt-free; because parents already have enough to worry about.

Does the bubble bath really bubble?

It does! And it smells as heavenly as you’d imagine. Our method to creating the best bubbles is called the “swoosh”. When you add your bubble bath to the warm running water use your hand to “swoosh” it all around. This creates pressure and stimulates additional bubbles. A rule of thumb: if you only need to add a dime sized amount of bubble bath and have a heaping tub full of bubbles that last over an hour, the bubble bath you are using is most likely low quality and a skin irritant. Unfortunately, a lot of companies even put “natural” on the label when it in fact isn’t.

What is the benefit of probiotics in shampoo?

Probiotics have so much to offer for our whole body, inside and out. Skin is our largest and fastest-growing organ. It is our body’s coat and is what protects us. A significant portion of the skin's immune system, just like our gut, consists of the residence of mostly beneficial bacteria that sit on the surface of the skin, acting as its first line of environmental defence. This is the skin's microbiome. It can also help keep inflammation in check, promote wound healing, and act as a barrier to some allergens and environmental toxins.


Are the scents of the products natural?

Yes. We take pride in the fact that all of our products are scented only with 100% Essential Oils.