Summertime Hair Essentials!

Summertime Hair Essentials!

It’s summer! Those glorious days of sun and surf, of sunrise coffees and days spent outside! We’re loving it. But our hair? Well that can be a little less than perfect. 

Sun damage, salt water swims, chemical-filled pools, and all those outdoor adventures can leave our hair tangled, dry, and not looking it’s best. Don’t stress - we’ve got the solution!

Our formula-perfected hair care routine is here to nourish and pamper your hair through every sunny season! Here’s why our products are the absolute best for keeping your locks gorgeous, no matter what you put them through!

1. Probiotics. Our Shampoo and Conditioner are both infused with probiotics, helping to encourage scalp health and growth!

2. Shea and Cocoa Butters. These powerful ingredients work to nourish and hydrate hair, preventing breakage and giving you that gorgeous shine!

3. Beeswax. Beeswax is naturally amazing at locking in moisture, sealing split ends, and promoting growth! Worried about the bees? So are we! But, responsible beekeepers, like the ones we source our beeswax from, only take the excess wax off of the comb, which actually encourages hive health!

4. Essential Oils. We love a great scent as much as anyone, but we’re not stooping to fragrance oils! All of our scented hair care uses only pure, high quality essential oils! Not here for the scent? We’ve got unscented, too! 

5. No harsh chemicals. Naturally gorgeous hair needs the best in natural ingredients! We don’t add any unnecessary additives or fillers to our products. Just natural ingredients for the most amazing results!

Don’t forget to follow up each wash day with Leave-In Conditioner to keep your hair flawless every day, refresh with Dry Shampoo when it’s not time to lather, and give your hair its gorgeous shine with Hair + Scalp Hydr’a’tion! Summer is here, and your hair is ready for it!


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