Baby Bathtime Favourites!

Baby Bathtime Favourites!

You know what makes me most jealous about my kids? Besides the early bedtime, endless snacks, not paying taxes, and lack of overall responsibility, it’s their skin. It’s soft, and smooth, and gloriously youthful. It’s everything I’m pretty sure I once was, and didn’t appreciate when I had it. They have this naturally amazing skin, and they don’t even care. They don’t care what they soak it in, or what they put on it, but I do. Because I love that skin.

My kids are messy kids. Food in the hair kind of kids. Almost every night ends up being bath night, and it’s become a part of our calm-down routine. With daily bathing can often mean dried-out skin, so finding products that get them clean, without stripping their skin of its naturally healthy state isn’t always easy. We are absolutely loving the Beauty From Bees Baby Line, because it leaves their skin as soft, smooth, and healthy as it really should be.

First, we wash. My kids are bubble fanatics. If it doesn’t lather, they’re not buying it. They demand foam. They need that froth. The Baby Shampoo + Body Wash does just that. It’s got a great lather, both on their hair and bodies, and it leaves them clean, without leaving any nasty residue or film behind. With an ingredient list that you can search, trust, and recognize, you know that it’s not going to be a big deal if they drink the bath water (because let’s be real here…). They are left with soft skin, manageable hair, and a delightfully gentle lavender scent (which we also love for all those natural calming benefits!). Filled with probiotics and skin-enhancing ingredients, this is hands-down my go-to shampoo and body wash combo.  My daughter is four, and her hair is a little less than tame-able, on the best of days. This shampoo really does leave her hair easy to brush, with less noticeable static and frizz. They’re scrubbed down, cleaned up, and ready to go.

Then, we hydrate. Winter is long, cold, dry, and not my jam. Sometimes, that perfect skin ends up a little less than perfect. We struggle with eczema, dry skin, and rough patches, and that’s not the way it should be! After my kids are thoroughly cleaned, and have splashed enough water on the floor that I’ve lost my cool, we pull the plug and call it a night. Before they dry off, I give them each a squirt of the Baby Serum, and let them coat their bodies. This serum goes on smooth, and absorbs fully, without leaving them feeling greasy or gross. I’m also a pretty big fan of how soft my hands feel, after helping them rub it in! This serum has a gentle vanilla scent that leaves my kids smelling good enough to eat, without being as sickly sweet and synthetically-smelling as a lot of other lotions can leave them. Natural ingredients, probiotics, and powerful oils leave their skin healthy as can be!

Last, we all go to bed and sleep all night. Kidding, guys. As amazing as these products leave my kids skin and hair feeling and smelling, there’s only so many promises that can be made. What these products do promise is an ingredient list you can trust, a reputation you can depend on, and reviews that will tell you just how great they work. Give them a try, and keep that beautiful baby skin in its naturally, healthy state.


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