Zits, Pits, Bites & Burns - One Bottle To Heal Them All!

Zits, Pits, Bites & Burns - One Bottle To Heal Them All!

If there's one thing I love, it's getting the most bang for my buck, and this tiny bottle is the perfect Beauty From Bees example of that! Packed with powerful ingredients, this little powerhouse is a skin-healing superstar, and the list of uses just keeps growing!

The Spot Treatment first landed in my cart because I struggle with hormonal breakouts. Once a month, I seem to go from my mid-thirties back to my mid-teens, but without the ability to shake off a hangover. A few quick dabs of the Spot Treatment, and those zits are on their way to being a memory. It quickly reduces redness and swelling, soothing that irritated skin and helping it heal. What more could you need?

Well, that's what I said, and then I realized just how many uses this product has!

Anyone who shaves knows that razor burn happens, and usually at the least opportune of times. Armpits, legs, and bikini zones can be easily irritated by a razor that's too dull, too dry, angled just wrong. You name it, it'll irritate your skin. Grab your Spot Treatment! A few drops of this powerful potion and your skin is soothed, instantly. No burning, no itching, and without the toxins we find in so many alternative products!

But wait! There's more! 

Bug bites are maybe my least favourite part of being outside. I'm annoyed when I get one, but if my kid gets bit, the day is basically ruined. The itching. The scratching. The whining. You've been there, right? Now, this Spot Treatment lives in my beach bag. Any bites are quickly dabbed, for immediate relief of itching, swelling, and whimpering. 

Hands up if you've ever bumped your arm on the side of a pot and earned yourself an instant ouch? How about the curling iron to the neck? That's my special move for fancy occasions. Spot Treatment, again. With a list of ingredients designed to heal and soothe, this bottle is a fantastic solution for minor burns, scrapes, and anything else you've put your skin through!

Healing my zits before I could pick them made this bottle a favourite in my world, and learning that it could heal all sorts of skin irritations and issues has sealed it's place near the top of the list. It went from being an occasional player in my skincare game, to an all-star product that we use for countless things! It's in the camper for bites, the bathroom for zits and curling iron mishaps, the first aid kit for minor burns. One tiny bottle packed with possibilities. 

How else do you use this product? 


Kelsey Kitt is a work-at-home-mom of three in northern Alberta. When she’s not chasing kids around, she is also an author, freelance copywriter, wine lover, and digital content creator. You can follow her and all her family’s adventures on Instagram at @mommydoesntlie.

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