What's the Deal With Lactic Acid?

What's the Deal With Lactic Acid?

Coming Soon - Night Serum!

We're adding a new step to your skincare routine, and we think you're going to love it! Night Serum is the perfect partner for giving your skin the graceful-aging you love, without the risk and irritation of harmful chemicals. Night Serum is the brightening, hydrating, skin-loving product you've been begging us to create, and now it's almost here! 

This Serum contains all of the powerful ingredients you love in our Face Serum, with the added power of 10% Lactic Acid to help improve your skin's moisture factor, promote cell renewal and turnover, and naturally exfoliate your skin! Known for its ability to smooth and soften rough or scaly skin, Lactic Acid is a powerful ingredient that's been missing from your routine! As always, our formula works gently and effectively, making it safe for sensitive skin!

Lactic Acid dates back to ancient times, and has long been used in the natural skincare community to improve the texture and appearance of skin! It is naturally fermented and totally safe for your skin, brightening and improving your complexion without relying on harsh and toxic chemicals! 

We love when we can help you love your skin, especially when it's as quick and easy as adding a few drops to your nightly routine! Want amazing skin? Don't' forget to drink your water, get enough sleep, and add Night Serum to your evening skincare session!

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