Ways to help your little ones sleep!

When you first became a mom, you probably heard other mom's giving you advice about adding in a bedtime routine for your baby. And I couldn't agree more with this advice! It's one of the many things you will hear that will actually make a world of difference in your little one's sleep. So you may be wondering why is a bedtime routine so important?
#1 - A bedtime routine creates consistency for your little one, which they thrive off of. They find comfort in knowing what to expect and knowing what is coming next.
#2 - A bedtime routine is most beneficial if it's relaxing (not full of tickles and wrestling matches in the living room) to help your little one settle down before bed and allow themselves to prepare for bedtime.
#3- A bedtime routine will actually trigger their brains and tell their body that bedtime is nearing (if this is consistent) which then their body starts producing more melatonin - a hormone that helps go to sleep and stay asleep.
Now there are many things that can be included in a bedtime routine, but the key thing is to make it fun but still relaxing so your little ones still look forward to bedtime! And this is why I love the Beauty From Bees products. They're free from chemicals, made with natural ingredients, they WORK amazingly and they have everything you need in one spot! I've rarely heard of a little one that doesn't like a bath and especially if they have bubbles in it! So add in a bubble bath to your routine with the Vanilla & Lavender Bubble Bath or any any kind really. But the lavender can have a calming effect on your little ones. (You could even add in some more soothing/calming lavender smells with the Shampoo & Body Wash & Conditioner - which is big hit in our house because NO TANGLES after bath!) Next a great thing for younger children to add to the routine is a massage. This can be so relaxing for little ones and young babies that frequently have gas pains it can be comforting to them. I recommend using a lotion or something that will hydrate their skin and make a massage far more enjoyable. Beauty From Bees, again, saves the day with their Baby Face & Body Serum!
Now for those little ones that are still in diapers, I really encourage you to not change their diaper in the night unless they are leaking through or have had a poop - it can be so stimulating and make it harder for them to fall back asleep. So I'd recommend adding some Baby Powder or Baby Bum Cream to help prevent diaper rashes through the night. Just make it apart of your routine! And last of all, add in some other fun things your little ones like to do! Reading a book, singing a song, talking about their day, saying goodnight to their toys, there can be so many things! Before I make this so long that I've completely lost you, if you want to learn more details about bedtime routines and want some exact bedtime routines to follow, check out my blog post I've done over on serenesleepsolutions.ca

Lynette Harper
Certified Sleep Consultant
Serene Sleep Solutions

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