Put Your Best Face Forward, Naturally!

Put Your Best Face Forward, Naturally!

I've heard it said time and time again - nothing looks better in your 50's than good skincare in your 20's. Well, fun fact, I'm in my 30's and I wish I'd heard it sooner! Instead of setting that foundation for aging gracefully before I was aging, I was sleeping with my makeup on and covering breakouts with a cakey layer of foundation. So now, I'm playing catch up, and really dedicating myself to a skincare routine that's both manageable and effective! Because let's be real, I'm still not committed enough to set aside 45min for skincare, when I can get it done in under 5.

First, collect the essentials. You're going to want a gentle wash, a great exfoliant, a vitamin C treatment, toner, serum, oil, and mask. Sounds like a lot, right? I promise you, from one uncommitted face washer to another, you can do this. If I can, literally anyone can.

Now, break it down. My skincare routine varies slightly in the morning and in the evening, and for good reason! In the morning, I'm looking to prepare my face to look its very best, just in case I happen to run into some hot celeb on my way to the bus stop, since that's about as far as my daily adventures seem to currently lead. At night, I'm looking to remove any makeup or products I've used during the day, and prepare my skin to do all it's magical healing and rejuvenating overnight. 

Let's start with the morning routine! 

1. Wash, with a boost of Vitamin C! I start my day with the Vitamin C Cleanser, and an added shake of Radiance Powder. Add a little water, and massage into your face until all of the gentle grit of the powder is absorbed. This leaves my face feeling clean, exfoliated, and absolutely glowing. I've heard the Radiance Powder called "Coffee for your Skin" and I am here to second that. This powder takes my cleanser to the very next level, adding an instant, healthy glow to my face.

2. Tone. The skin on your face thrives in a lower pH than the rest of your body. A quick spray of the Face Spritz has my face in its naturally healthiest state, and that's just where we want it to be!

3. Hydrate. Hyaluronic Acid is your anti-aging bestie. This serum adds an instant boost of deep-penetrating moisture to your skin, but you're going to want to follow it with a few drops of Face Oil to lock that moisture in! This duo leaves me with skin that's soft, smooth, and ready for whatever the day brings to it!

You've lived your live, experienced your day, and are begging for bed. So, you crawl in with your makeup on, because you'll wash it off in the morning, right? I mean, if you want early wrinkles and excess breakouts, go hard. Me? I'd rather take a couple of minutes and just wash it off.

My evening routine is very similar to my morning routine, but instead of the Radiance Powder, I add a quick shake of Exfoliate to my cleanser to gently scrub away the grime and grease from the day. This natural exfoliant leaves my skin impossibly soft, and ready for my toner, serum, and oil, just like in the morning routine! A few nights a week, I also like to take some extra Me Time, smoothing on a Dead Sea Mud Mask to detoxify and purify my skin, and probably also my attitude at the same time. 

Taking the time to care for your skin is the most basic level of self care, but it's such an important way to remind yourself that you are worth it! Scrub away those impurities, and know that you'll be feeling and looking your very best, and that's always a great feeling!


Kelsey Kitt is a work-at-home-mom of three in northern Alberta. When she’s not chasing kids around, she is also an author, freelance copywriter, wine lover, and digital content creator. You can follow her and all her family’s adventures on Instagram at @mommydoesntlie.

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