Our 2022 Top Ten Products!

Our 2022 Top Ten Products!

Every year, we get asked what our top sellers are, and this year, we're dropping the list! You've stocked up this year on some incredible skin and body care, scents for you and your home, and natural alternatives to chemical-based products! We've seen amazing reviews on old favourites, and had some new products make their way onto the list!

1. Body Serum  - this old favourite is almost always at the top of our list! You just can't get enough of this super-hydrating, water-free formula! That's probably why this product also has the most 5-star reviews - over 100 of you have left your review, helping make this product our #1!

2. Body Crème  - 2022 really was all about the skin hydration! We released our Body Crème, and you loved it! We've been filling jars and keeping your skin soft and healthy all year long!

3. Shampoo - Ditching the toxin-filled hair care was obviously a big deal for you this year! Top-sellers 3, 4, and 5 were all about keeping your strands clean, hydrated, and gorgeous as ever!

4. Leave-In Conditioner - Tangle-free, stronger hair was everywhere in 2022! You grew your hair longer and healthier than ever before, loving the power of our Leave-In Conditioner!

5. Conditioner - From curls to colours, our haircare routine is safe for all, and maybe that's why you grabbed so many of these bottles this year! And by the look of all the photos you tagged us in, this haircare is working its magic on your locks, because girl, you are FINE!

6. Lip Serum - new to the Beauty From Bees lineup, and quickly becoming a top seller is our Lip Serum! In two mica-powered tints, or an un-tinted variety, you had us bottling these tubes just as fast as we could!

7. Hand Balm - Soft, hydrated hands are always in season! Our grease-free formula leaves your cuticles, palms, and fingers looking and feeling their very best! By the amount of these we sold, you must have one in your purse, your desk, and even your car!

8. Face Oil - Gorgeous skin? It's yours! Our Face Oil is the finishing touch to our skincare routine, giving you a flawless finish that can't be beat. And you must have listened when we told you how well it pairs with our Serum, because it's next on the list!

9. Face Serum - Hydration that's so powerful, you won't believe it! Our Face Serum gives your skin a boost of Hyaluronic Acid that helps to prevent and reverse the visible signs of again, and you remembered to lock it in with our Face Oil every time!

10. Magnesium Oil - New to the lineup, and definitely a fav! We worked with Cecilia Kissel to make our Magnesium Oil, giving you better sleep, relaxed muscles, and overall feelings of calm that you were as obsessed with as we were!

There you have it - the top ten products you loved in 2022! We can't wait to see what tops the list in 2023!

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