New & Improved Sun Cream

New & Improved Sun Cream

Sunny days are here and we are ready for them! Our new and improved Sun Cream is the most luxurious formula yet, giving you sun-protection that’s also great for your skin! Available May 15 - just in time for summer!



Our newest formula uses the same 20% non-nano zinc oxide we’ve always used to block the sun’s harmful and damaging rays before they penetrate your skin! Because of the particle size, this ingredient sits on top of your skin and can’t be absorbed, so you won’t find it floating around in your bloodstream like so many chemical-based sunscreens can do!

Because of the luxurious thickness of this formula, we opted to package it in a jar rather than a bottle, making it even easier for you to scoop and use every last drop! This nourishing cream is packed with skin-loving ingredients, hydrating and enhancing skin health while protecting it from damage and burns!

Need even more reasons to love it? It’s kid and baby-safe, and won’t clog your pores! Apply it head to toe for skin protection that’s perfect for everyone and every bit of skin!

How do you use it? Just slather on 20-30 minutes before hitting the rays, and reapply every 2 hours while you’re in the sun! Make sure you stock up on After Sun Spray to hydrate and soothe sun-loving skin after you’ve made your way back inside, too!


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