Let's Talk Bubbles!

Let's Talk Bubbles!

There are things in life that I believe you should hold to a higher standard than others. Things that you just don’t mess around with, because life just is too short. Things like quality friendships, delicious wine, strong coffee, and bubble bath that doesn’t disappear before the tub is even filled up. Because let’s be real here, who has time for negative people, gross wine, weak coffee, or disappointing bubble bath?

Definitely not me.

From a young age, I have seen the value in good bubbles. And my mother, bless her heart, is as inventive as she is cheap. Little me wanted bubbles, and she wanted to protect her bank account balance. A good squirt of liquid dish-washing detergent, and I was up to my ears in bubbles. And funky rashes, dry skin, and horrifically mangled hair. Bubbles? Yes. Recommend? Absolutely not.

So, you want bubbles in the tub? Of course you do. Nobody doesn’t want bubbles in their tub. Bubbles are life, and life is bubbles. But, I’m also willing to bet you don’t want to soak your body in chemical soup, just so you can wear a bubbly Santa beard. And you probably don’t want to take my mother’s route of washing your kids like that leftover lasagna pan you’ve been “soaking” for three days now.

Luckily for us, there are options here that will give you both the bubbles, and the eco-friendly ingredient list that you want in your life.

Available in a variety of delicious (and natural!) scents, or unscented if you prefer your bath to be even more simple, the Beauty From Bees line of Bubble Baths is as gentle on your skin as it is on the environment. A quick scan of the ingredient lists will tell you that these bubble baths are missing any of the fillers, chemicals, synthetic scents, or unnecessary colours that you often find hiding in your products, and instead are filled with pure, skin-enhancing ingredients. Cleansing, nourishing, and hydrating your skin while you soak in those gloriously lasting bubbles. Seriously, lasting. Because nobody climbs into a bath to soak for one commercial break. These bubbles are as committed to your bath as you are.

A side of science, with your bubbles? I thought you’d never ask. On the ingredient list, you’ll find Lactobacillus Ferment, and you’ll say, “what’s that?!” It’s a probiotic, which we all know about, because yogurt commercials tell us they’re good for our gut health. As it turns out, they’re also great for your skin health! These bacteria, are the good ones. The healthy ones. The ones that normally keep your insides running the way they should, and also help keep your skin looking, and feeling, the way that it should! Adding this to the bubble baths helps to restore the natural bacterial balance to your skin, protecting it, and keeping it in its naturally healthy state!

Craving bubbles? It's as simple as the ingredient list. Just start that water, squirt that bubble bath, and add the kids. For optimal bubble power, swoosh your hand through the water - more pressure = more bubbles! Let them splash and play, knowing that those bubbles they’re probably putting in their mouths aren’t filled with anything that you’re going to worry about them eating. And then put them to bed, and fill that tub again, because there is no age limit on enjoying a good bubble bath. Sit back, relax, and let the bubbles work their magic on you. Soak away those worries and cares, and enjoy knowing that you’re doing your skin a favour while you’re in there.


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