Here's What What Mom Really Wants This Mother's Day!

Here's What What Mom Really Wants This Mother's Day!

This is a Mother's Day that's definitely like one none of us have experienced before, and I think we're all a little unsure of how that's going to go down. Without the adorably hand-crafted gifts coming home from those amazing teachers, or the delicious brunch at our favourite restaurants, the standard Mother's Day traditions are a little out of whack. Pair that with the fact that many moms will have been isolated at home with their kids for close on two months, and we're pretty sure those mamas have earned every kind word, late morning, and clean kitchen they've ever desired. As for the perfect gifts for that special mom in your life, I've got a few Beauty From Bees suggestions for that, too!

1 Let. Her. Sleep. In. And when she wakes up, make sure there's not a breakfast mess to clean up. This isn't a gift so much a hope that my own husband stumbles across this page and takes this less-than-subtle advice.

2 Send her to the spa. Just kidding, stay home. But don't tease her with a gift card that she can't even currently use! Bring the spa to her! The Beauty From Bees Refresh & Renew Facial Collection is all the scrubby, bubbly, freshy goodness her favourite facial gives her, without leaving the comfort of her own fluffy robe. Grab a travel size so she can check out for herself which products are her favourite, or go big and treat her to the full-sized collection! She (and her skin!) will thank you!

3 Send her for a full body soak. While her favourite float tank might be out of the question for now, you've got everything you need to give her an aquatic oasis right at home! Pour a sprinkling of the Ultimate Bath Blend into her tub, and reach for her favourite bubble bath! Light her a candle and let her soak her cares away, while you keep the kids out of sight and earshot. Now might also be a great time to pour the mimosas. 

4 Give her a mani/pedi! We're at the Spa Chez Mom, and she's ready to be spoiled! Roll up your sleeves, grab your polish, and give her the TLC her digits so desperately deserve! Start with a gentle scrub with the Beauty From Bees Shower Scrub to give those hands and feet the exfoliation they've been missing! Follow that up with a generous layer of the new Foot Balm and Hand Cream, and she'll be feeling like she's really been to the salon. 

Trust me, dads, this is the Mother's Day to pull out all the at-home stops. Grab her the products she needs to spoil herself every day, because you know she deserves it. For a ridiculously easy way to grab her some of her favourites, check out the Care Collection! This mix of facial products, bath and body favourites, and the new Probiotic Foaming Hand Soap are sure to have her looking and feeling her very best!  

 Kelsey Kitt is a work-at-home-mom of three in northern Alberta. When she’s not chasing kids around, she is also a freelance copywriter, wine lover, and digital content creator. You can follow her and all her family’s adventures on Instagram at @mommydoesntlie

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