Hair + Scalp Hydr'a'tion - Your Healthiest Hair!

Hair + Scalp Hydr'a'tion - Your Healthiest Hair!

Healthy, strong, frizz-free hair starts at the scalp! Here's how Michelle likes to treat her gorgeous hair, keeping it compliment-worthy and strong every day!

First, dose your hair with a healthy spritz of our Leave-In Conditioner. This helps to hydrate your hair, and prevents breakage while you brush out all those tangles. 

Next, part your hair and coat your scalp with Hair + Scalp Hydr'a'tion, massaging it into your skin. Comb it through your roots, helping to lift dead skin and built-up products. Bring it through the length of your stands, helping to nourish your hair right to the dryest ends, and then wrap it up and let it soak! When you're ready, make sure to pre-wash your scalp before you lather your strands, getting your hair perfectly clean and ready to style!



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