Getting Through Blue Monday

Getting Through Blue Monday

Blue Monday. It's said to be the most depressing day of the year, where the buzz of the holidays finally clears, and reality kicks back in. How about we spin it around, and throw ourselves a Blue Monday Celebration? What better way to get out of a funk than with some self care and pampering!

Here are four of our favourite products for mood-lifting, self-pampering, and kicking those Blue Monday funks right to the snowbank!


1 Bubble Bath

You know there's nothing we love more than a good soak in a tub full of bubbles, especially when those bubbles leave your skin feeling amazing! Lay back, add just a splash of your favourite scent, and soak those worries away! 

2 Good Fumes Rollers

Did you know that your sense of smell can have a huge impact on your mood? Surround yourself with scents that are free of chemicals and toxins, formulated to put you in the mood you're hoping to achieve! Reach for our Rise and Shine collection to uplift and awaken, or our London Fog options to calm and relax! Which scent do you need in your life today?

3 Ultimate Bath Blend

We hold a lot of tension in our bodies, and that can lead to sore muscles and stiff bodies! The Magnesium in our Ultimate Bath Blend has been added for it's ability to soothe muscle and joint pain, decrease inflammation, and help your relax! Add a scoop to your tub, and that Blue Monday will be feeling a lot less blue!

4 Foot Balm

Long days+ Winter boots = Sore, tired, dry feet? Treat those soles and toes to a little home TLC with this thick and luxurious foot balm! Rub it in (or get your partner to!) and feel the tensions melt away, leaving you with perfectly pampered feet! 


Blue Monday can be a day that drags us down, or we can take it as an opportunity to treat ourselves to a little extra pampering! Let's celebrate the longer days, the brighter sun, and the ways that we can take care of ourselves, naturally!

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