Get Your Bronze On!

There’s not much we love more than a gorgeous tan, especially when we can get it in a bottle! Our new Bronzed Face Oil gives you a shimmery, subtle bronze without the damaging effects of the sun, or the toxic chemicals of self-tanners!

We’ve taken our top-selling Face Oil that you already love for its deep-hydrating abilities, and added in a boost of all-natural, ethically-sourced Mica! This shimmery mineral gives the oil a rich tint, giving your skin a subtle bronzed look that we think you’ll love!

Because this isn’t a sun-protection cream, you’re still going to want to add a layer to protect your face from the sun’s damaging rays! After washing and toning your skin, add your Face Serum, and then follow with a layer of our Sun Cream (it’s back and better than ever!) Top that with our new Bronzed Oil to seal in the moisture and give your skin a gorgeous, healthy, bronzed glow!

Summer is short, but your tanned-complexion season doesn’t have to be! This Bronzed Oil will keep you loving your summer shade, long after the sun has gone back into cold-weather mode!

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