Get the Most out of Your Bubbles!

Get the Most out of Your Bubbles!

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you didn’t get the full money’s worth from something you’re using, right? As a mom, I get that. When the mix all the Play Doh colours together the first time they use them, or leave the lids off of the markers and they all dry out overnight, or dump every single bubble container on the deck the second the lids have been taken’ve been there. Nobody likes to see things go to waste. That's one reason I’m such a fan of the Beauty From Bees Bubble Baths. They are as cost-effective as they are bubble-effective, especially if you follow these three tips! 

1. Stop using so much! Seriously. Less is best! This bubble bath is amazingly effective using only about a tablespoon at a time. That’s it! Each bottle contains 16 tablespoons of bubble bath, so if you use only what’s actually needed, you’re really spending less than $1.50 on each set of bubbles. I don’t know about you, but I’ve paid more than that for a cup of coffee that brought me much less joy. The secret to getting the most out of that tiny squirt of bubbles? Keep reading!

2. Do the Swoosh. No, it’s not a fancy dance move, though I think we could definitely make it a thing. The Swoosh is what you’re going to want to do to get the most bubbles out of every squirt. Science says more water pressure equals more bubbles, so make more pressure! Pour the bubbles as the tub fills up, and use your hand to swoosh the water around as it fills. You’re making more water pressure, which means you’re making more bubbles! ProTip: Give your kids whisks if the bubbles start to dwindle after a while. They’ll whip up some new bubbles, and you’ll have a clean whisk. Just kidding. You should probably still wash the whisk when they’re done. 

3. Take advantage of that perfectly bubbly water! Have you read the ingredients on the Beauty From Bees Bubble Bath? You should! These aren’t your average suds! Tip those heads back into those bubbles, give a quick scrub on those grimy scalps, and rinse the bubbles off. Bam. Hair and body quickly washed without any other products needed. The Shampoo & Body Wash is amazing and my definite go-to for a good scrub, but I'm also a big fan of low effort and deals, so if I can get away with sometimes washing their hair without washing their hair, I am IN. Let them play, scrub them down, and all that’s left is clean skin, clean hair and a bathtub that doesn’t have one of those funky rings that a lot of bubble baths can leave behind. 

This bubble bath is so much more than just a fun bubble beard. It’s skin-enhancing ingredients, probiotic goodness, and loads of foamy fun! And there’s no rule that says it’s just for the kids! Put those bubble monsters to bed, pour yourself a glass, and soak in those luxurious suds. You’ve earned it!


Kelsey Kitt is a work-at-home-mom of three in northern Alberta. When she’s not chasing kids around, she is also a freelance copywriter, wine lover, and Parental Guidance content creator. You can follow her and all her family’s adventures on Instagram at @mommydoesntlie.

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