Cold Season Relief!

Cold Season Relief!

Winter is coming and that often means stuffy noses, dry skin, and feeling like ick. As much as we’d love to prevent it and never feel sick again, it’s bound to happen. Eventually, we’re all going to catch it. Here are a few of my favourite products to get back to feeling my best, when my kids bring home their nasty school germs!

1. Eucalyptus Bubble Bath. Eucalyptus is great for relieving congestion, and this bubble bath is the absolute best at the end of a long, sneezy day. A quick squirt (don’t forget to swoosh!), and your bathtub will be filled with sinus-clearing bubbles in no time!

2. While you’ve got that bathtub filled, add a scoop of the Ultimate Bath Blend! This mix of Himalayan pink salt, magnesium sulphate, vitamin c and Baking soda helps to pull the impurities from your body, leaving you feeling relaxed, and your dry skin feeling softer and smoother!

3. As much as we spend on those gentle tissues, a cold can leave your nose red and raw. The Facial Moisture Absolute is my go-to for relieving the irritation and flakiness that I get when I’m all stuffed up. A quick drop brings immediate relief, and helps to keep my skin looking it’s best, while I’m on the mend!

Snot season is here and there’s no avoiding it, especially if you’ve got school-aged kiddos, or you like to go out in public. Wash your hands, remind your kids to cover their cough, and get your Beauty From Bees all stocked up so you’re ready when those sick bugs hit!

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