Bubble Bath Bubble Dough!

Bubble Bath Bubble Dough!

My kids are water monsters - the more time they spend in the tub, the happier they are. And truth be told, it's probably the only reason my bathroom ever gets a deep cleaning. They splash, I scrub. They splash water on the floor, I wipe it up and call it a mopping. I call it multi-tasking. Another thing my kids LOVE is play-dough. Mixing up all the colours, getting it into every crack and crevice of our kitchen table, maybe saving a little extra to smash into the carpet later. So, when I found this awesome recipe on Pinterest for Bubble Bath Play Dough, I was IN. It's a messy, sensory delight, without all of the kitchen destroying. Over here, that's a win.

My kids have super sensitive skin, and react to a lot of different bubble baths that we've used, so, as always, our Bubble Dough recipe uses Beauty From Bees Bubble Bath. As an added bonus, this makes the dough smell amazing, and my kids get clean while they're playing!

To make your own Bubble Dough, you'll need:
1/4c Bubble Bath
1/2-3/4c Tapioca Starch
1tsp Coconut Oil

Here's how it's done:
1. Pour your Bubble Bath into a bowl (if you want, you can also add food colouring at this stage!)
2. Melt the Coconut Oil, and add it to your Bubble Bath.
3. Add 1/2c Tapioca Starch and Mix
4. Continue adding Tapioca until it's no longer sticky
5. get messy!

If you're playing with this in a dry environment, the dough can be used more than once, but once it's in the tub, it's definitely a one-time mess. Add a little under the flowing water to make bubbles in the tub, or give your kids a whisk to splash up their own bubbles! As they play, the dough will get sticky, slimy, and eventually dissolve into the water! Clean kids, sensory play, and zero clean up. I don't think I could ask for a better way to play!

Kelsey Kitt is a work-at-home-mom of three in northern Alberta. When she’s not chasing kids around, she is also a freelance copywriter, wine lover, and digital content creator. You can follow her and all her family’s adventures on Instagram at @mommydoesntlie


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