Body Crème - Your Summer Skincare Must Have!

Body Crème - Your Summer Skincare Must Have!

It's summer, and we're loving those days in the sun, sand, and surf, but we're not always loving what the summer weather and outdoor adventures can do to our skin! Often those extra sunny days, salty or chlorine-treated dips, and sandy walks along the beach can leave our  skin feeling tight, dry, and downright damaged! 

That's where our skin-loving Body Crème comes in!

While our fan-favourite Body Serum applies best to damp skin, Body Crème is a dry-application dream, making it perfect for on-the-go! Keep a jar in your car to help combat dry feet after a day at the beach. Keep it in your pool bag to soothe and rehydrate skin after a dip in the ocean or pool! Store it in your camper to give your body a nourishing treat after a little too much of those gorgeous, sunny rays!

This thick, luxurious Crème is sensitive-safe, and perfect for all skin types. It comes in some absolutely amazing scents, like Vanilla Sunshine to help wake your senses up, or Lavender Nights to bring some calm to the end of a busy day. Prefer your products even simpler? That's why we've also made an Unscented variety of this powerful product!

Get out there and enjoy every second of your summer adventures, and make sure to give your skin the nourishing, hydrating, skin-loving ingredients it needs after a day of enjoying the weather! 

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