Better Fruit & Veggie Wash!

Better Fruit & Veggie Wash!

You've been to the garden, the farmers market, or the grocery store, and come home laden with bags and bins of gorgeous fruits and veggies. You're basically superhuman, feeding your family such an assortment of fresh, whole foods. But, before you can crunch into those delicious treats, you've got to wash them, right? And that's where we come in.

Instead of reaching for chemical-based produce washes that can damage your food and cause all sorts of side effects to your health, or leaving your food with a weird aftertaste from soaking in vinegar, try our Unscented Bubble Bath! We know, that sounds weird, but stick with us here!

This all-natural, completely unscented formula uses the power of plant-based ingredients to create a gentle foam that's perfect for washing not only your body, but also your food! Simply splash half a teaspoon of Unscented Bubble Bath into your sink, fill with cool water, and rinse when you're done! You'll be horrified at just how much grime and gunk comes off of your fruits and veggies - and that's just what we can see! 

So fill those baskets with the freshest produce you can find, and then make sure you're removing the dirt (plants do grow in the ground, you know!), possible pesticides and fertilizers, and whatever else your snack has come into contact with, without exposing your family to unnecessary chemicals!

As an added bonus, our Unscented Bubble Bath also makes an incredible grease-busting dish soap! Because if you're washing your food with natural ingredients, why would you want to wash your dishes in toxins?!

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