Baby Bum Solution - Your Baby Wipe Replacement!

Baby Bum Solution - Your Baby Wipe Replacement!

Is there really anything more versatile than a baby wipe? Sure, they’re great for changing diapers, keeping your tiny one fresh and clean, but let’s be real - that’s just the tip of the iceberg for these handy wipes. 

Sticky toddler fingers? Baby wipe. 

Questionable public eating surface? Baby wipe.
Paint on your kitchen floor? Wipe. 

Weird stain on their car seat? Wipe!
Knowing how often we use these things, it’s a little weird how many of us have never stopped to read the ingredients, isn’t it? So many of these products are filled with harsh, toxic, and seriously dangerous chemicals. And that’s pretty scary, especially when you think about the fact that we don’t rinse these chemicals off of their skin after using the wipe. 

Most kids are in diapers for at least two years, and we just established that we all use wipes for so much more than just diapering. That’s countless applications of chemicals that we think needs to be prevented!
That’s where our new Baby Bum Solution comes in! This all-natural, absolutely safe formula comes in a convenient, leak-free, push-top bottle that can be used at home or on the go! Simply pre-tear paper towels or keep reusable cloths ready, and you’ve got a baby-wipe replacement that is gentle on their skin, and always toxin-free!
Keeping your tiny one safe is our top priority, and that starts with helping you reduce the amount of unnecessary, dangerous chemicals they come into contact with every day!
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