All-Natural Mascara is Here!

All-Natural Mascara is Here!

Is there anything better than finding the perfect, lash-glorifying, smudge-proof, all-day-wear mascara? There is when we tell you we've made one that doesn't rely on toxic dyes or harsh chemicals! Our new Mascara is quickly becoming a must-have for so many of you, and the reviews we've received have been amazing!

We've combined all-natural, always safe Mica with lash-loving ingredients that pamper your lashes, while giving you thick, gorgeous lashes all day and night! This formula is perfect for those with sensitive eyes or skin!

This formula goes on smooth, giving you clump-free wear! The black tint lasts all day, and doesn't smudge, smear, or flake onto your face! Enjoy hassle-free lashes that stay gorgeous until you're ready to remove!

When you're ready to end your evening, a drop of our Face Oil will gently loosen the Mascara, hydrating and nourishing your skin while effectively removing your eye makeup! 

A perfect face for every occasion, and we're working hard to give you amazing products that help you easily ditch the toxins from your daily routine!

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