A Wholesale Starter Pack - BUBBLE BATH

A Wholesale Starter Pack - BUBBLE BATH

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Our Bubble Bath is one of a kind. This product contains the best ingredients to eliminate sensitivities leaving your skin hydrated and soft. Feel confident knowing your family is soaking in a tub of natural bubbles and probiotics. 

The best way to maximize your bottle of bubbles is to use the cap to determine how many bubbles you’d like! There are 24 caps per bottle  

1 cap full is perfect for a 1/4 bath (Toddler size)

2 caps for 1/2 full bath

3 caps for a full, standard sized bath! 

This starter kit comes with:

3 each of our 5 Bubble Bath Scents; Unscented, Pink Grapefruit, Orange & Vanilla, Lavender & Vanilla, Eucalyptus. 

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