Peppermint Head Drops

Peppermint Head Drops

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Peppermint Head Drops - 15 ml 

Help soothe with this blend of natural oils. The combination of the oils will provide a tingle and soothing, relaxing sensation. 


Olive Squalane, Mentha arvensis (Japanese Peppermint Oil), Eucalyptus radiata (Eucalyptus Essential Oil), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender Essential Oil), Elderberry Extract. 


How to use

For use on temples, forehead, neck and shoulders, this blend will help relax and soothe. Drop 1-2 drops onto your fingertip or directly to the area as needed and massage into the skin. Apply as often as needed. For external use only.


Olive Squalane doesn’t sit on the surface of the skin like a regular carrier oil, it penetrates deep and is by far, the most superior carrier oil out there.

This key ingredient is derived from olive oil, and it’s not like an oil at all. Vegetable oils consist of long molecules called triglycerides, which are made of fatty acids and glycerin. Depending on the fatty acids in the molecules, the oils can feel heavy, greasy and absorb much slower. Squalane is a special molecule, completely different to triglycerides, it is similar to the squalene which occurs naturally in the sebum our skin produces. Light, greaseless, and easily absorbed, it leaves the skin really silky and smooth. It softens the skin, improves elasticity, protects against moisture loss and has a luxurious skin feel. 

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