Sunny Days and Harmful Rays!

Let’s talk sun care! If you’re anything like me, you were raised in a world that adored the Coppertone Tan. We baked our tiny bodies, and admired those beautiful tan lines. We were crispy, and often burnt, and took horrific satisfaction in peeling those burns down our backs. Well, thankfully, times have changed! We did a little research, and we learned that the sun, though amazing for many things, is a little bit harsh on our skin. So, what are we going to do about it? Well, we’re going to slather our babies in the strongest, most effective sunscreen we can find, right? SPF 7000, here we come! 

Right? It was, for a hot minute.

And, then we did a little more research, and it turns out that what you put on your body, often ends up in your body. The things that go on your skin get absorbed right through that beautifully protected skin, and often end up in your bloodstream. Now that’s a little scary, if you ask me, and it’s even scarier when you read the ingredients on your sunscreen bottles. I’m all for protecting my little ones from the sun, but I’m also all for protecting them from...well from whatever those things are.

The Beauty From Bees SunCream is different. It uses non-nano zinc oxide as the active ingredient. Non-nano means the particles are too big to be absorbed into the bloodstream - they sit on top of the skin, right where we want them to be! It effectively blocks UVA and UVB rays, without the use of funky chemicals that you probably don’t want floating around in your bloodstream (and some studies have shown those chemicals can stay in the blood for up to 48 hours!)

What else is in it? Well there’s the same skin-enhancing ingredients you love in the rest of your Beauty From Bees products! Vitamin C, elderberry extract, and Cocoa Butter, to name a few. So, while this cream is effectively protecting your skin from burns and signs of aging, it’s also working to undo and repair any damage that’s already been done. That’s a win if you ask me!

Like other mineral sunscreens we’ve tried, this product is thick, but I find it goes on well, and rubs in without too much extra effort. I also LOVE that it is tinted, so if it doesn’t rub in all the way, my kids aren’t left looking like Casper the Ghost’s new best friend. It does need to be applied every couple of hours, but with the way my kids are in and out of the water all summer, I find that I’m applying any sun protection we are using just as often! My kids are I are all very fair-skinned, and I find that applying it every hour or two when we are in the sun has prevented us from experiencing any burns at all!

Now, sometimes the mom brain kicks in over here. I’m a PRO at keeping my kids slathered in lotion, but I tend to forget myself, and that usually means I’m left lobster-red and sorry. Beauty From Bees gets that, and has my back (or face...shoulders...back of my legs…) with their After Sun Spray! This amazing mist is powered with probiotics and skin-soothing ingredients, and instantly takes the sting out, and works to undo the damage that I’ve done. I find that spritzing this on after any sun exposure feels amazing on my skin, and really helps to rehydrate our bodies after a busy day under the rays!

The sunny days are here, and who knows how long they’ll stay, so slather on that SunCream, and get outside and enjoy them while they last!

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