Raise your hand if you love soft skin! 

You know that item you can’t live without, you use it regularly & it makes you happy on the daily? 

Our new moisturizers will quickly become that item for you! Whether you slather it on your baby or sneak it for yourself, your skin will thank you. 

When it comes to Beauty from Bees’ products, we aren’t ‘half-in’ on the purity and safety for your family; we are all-in. Committed. We are devoted to producing pure, safe, hydrating items for your family.

We will never settle for less, it’s our promise to you. 


Constantly sourcing the best ingredients for you and making sure every item is rich with vitamins and antioxidants... because after all, this is food for your skin. 

Healthy ingredients make healthy skin. 


We’ve created the perfect serum-like-lotion to give your skin everything it needs. It’s gentle enough for daily use and encouraged to use on all your little's, right from birth. 


Our lotions and balms are all water-free and made with the perfect combination of luxurious ingredients, without a single toxin. Enriched with the properties and antioxidants of Elderberry’s, they’re made for all skin types. Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are the only scents involved! Safe. Natural. Delicious. 

One of our key ingredients?


Castor Oil!





The ricinoleic acid in castor oil draws out dirt, dead cells, harmful microbes from the skin and stimulates the lymphatic system, and promotes the growth of healthy tissue. By improving circulation and blood flow, castor oil helps remove cellular toxins, thereby reducing swelling and inflammation and helping fight infection. Castor oil hydrates and moisturizes the skin and is such an ideal treatment for the symptoms of eczema due to its unique chemical composition. It’s antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects are well documented. Castor oil pairs so well with many different butters and oils to become an even more powerful, natural remedy for our beauty and health.



Yep, we’ve thought of it all! We’ve upped our game and are moving forward from a traditional cream-like-lotion. So whether you have normal skin, dry skin or sensitive skin, our lotions and balms are made just for you! Your skin deserves this. Your family deserves this. You deserve this. 


Take Care of Your Hive!



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